How to Wear Your Wigs in Summer

Summer is a complicated time for hair and for people who need to wear a wig, it can be even more. In the end, however damaged it is, the hair of our head receives nutrients and hydration constantly, it has a kind of nutritive connection through the blood. Something that does not happen with a wig and we are the ones who have to constantly nourish and hydrate the piece to avoid greater evils. It’s normal, so there’s no need to worry. Rou Rou Doll Hair & Candy will remind you of the best habits to keep your wig in summer or visit their Facebook for tutorials.

The first thing is to establish what type of wig you use : artificial hair or natural hair. Within each type there are different qualities in synthetic fibers and also in the quality of natural hair, but the care is very similar and only change if we talk about artificial wigs or natural hair wigs.

Care for synthetic wigs
One of the advantages of synthetic wigs is that they are more resistant to environmental aggressions, such as sun, salt water or chlorine . The main concern is to protect the wig from the direct action of the sun ; It will not change color, as often happens with natural hair wigs, but if the fibers are not of very good quality, they will heat up, which can affect their resistance, in addition to that can surprise someone if you touch the head.

Overheating is also detrimental to adhesives , either because it ends up breaking them or because, when heated, you sweat and sweat makes them slip and lose grip. So protect yourself from the sun, not so much because of the durability of the wig, but also because of the damage to the adhesives.

As for washing the wig , the good news is that it does not need as much care as natural wigs. Suffice it to dip it in a bucket with warm soapy water and move it slowly. If you see that the water turns cloudy, change it and repeat the process until the water is not so dirty. And to dry the wig, place it on a wig holder, like the head of a mannequin, and cover it with a towel until it absorbs all the water. Then, let the wig dry alone.

Care for natural hair wigs
Here comes the complication. In summer, natural hair wigs need extra hydration and protection . Using moisturizing shampoos will be mandatory whenever you go out of the house, but not only that: also sunscreen products while the wig is exposed to the sun. And when you return home, conditioner , even dry. The moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will be your best tools to preserve your natural hair wig in summer.

And the hat. What we have said before about the danger of direct heat for adhesives also applies to natural hair wigs, although these do not rise as much temperature as synthetic hair wigs. But there is one more problem: all natural hair wigs are rinsed with the sun . More or less, but it happens to all of them. Therefore, if you want to preserve its color, protect yourself with a hat or a scarf.

At bath time it is essential that before you get into the water you untie the knots . It may seem like double work, then you will also have to unravel, but if you do it before, it will cost you less. Remember the rule of unraveling by parts: first, the tips, then, the middle part and, finally, from the root. It is the best recipe against jerks when you comb.

Natural wig in light tone + pool water = green hair . It is very common, so common that there are already protective products specifically designed to avoid these greenish surprises. They usually work, but if you do not want to take a risk, consult the wig manufacturer first and ask for advice.

Control of damages
It is very likely that, even if you have followed the previous advice, summer will bill your wig . When the closing of the pool approaches and the post-holiday depression is around the corner, prepare the interrogation room and the light bulb and subject your wig to a third degree. Have you lost color? Do you have the ends open? Has it curled? Are adhesives still working?

According to Rou Rou Doll Hair & Candy, if we talk about a not very aggressive discoloration, it is possible that a dye is enough to recover the original color . (Do not forget to check with the manufacturer beforehand). More serious damages are those that have to do with the structure of the hair, such as split ends or frizz , or with the wig’s own functionality, such as the loss of adhesive adhesion ; In these cases, it is advisable to visit the center that sold you the wig to be restored . It can be a bit cumbersome, but think that only this way you will recover your original image.

To view images and more information about how to keep your wigs in good condition visit this website!